Current Projects

Current Projects

Xeneca Power Development Inc. is one of Ontario’s largest developers of renewable energy.  We are committed to environmentally sound planning, a thorough consultative process and practicing good corporate social responsibility.

Xeneca has been awarded 19 Feed-In-Tariff contracts by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA.) Click here to see a map of Xeneca's current FIT sites, including proximity to Aboriginal Communities.

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program is a product of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009.  The OPA oversees and regulates the program.

This program is the first in North America and includes a guaranteed pricing structure for green energy generation in the form of a contract between the OPA and the power developers.

The rules and regulation, prices and contracts are standard for all parties involved renewable energy development.   The OPA’s fixed pricing scheme is intended to help the developer cover the cost of project development and allows for a reasonable return on investment throughout the contract.

For more information on the OPA’s FIT Program, please visit

Xeneca has filed an official Notice of Commencement under the Class EA for Waterpower Projects for each of our proposed sites. You can find these notices on the individual Project pages (listed to the right.)
These notices and the public consultation process for each project under the Class EA is intended to coordinate and meet the notification requirements relevant to the planning stage of the project under the above statutes.  Notification of Public Information Centres (PICs) to be held in regard to the project will be posted within the next 6-8 months. In fact, some have already taken place in communities. Public consultation will be an integral component of this process.  You are invited to provide comments on the issues to be addressed, and/or to ask to be placed on the project’s mailing list. 

To the right is a list of Xeneca’s proposed waterpower sites, which were all awarded FIT contracts. It is important to note that because these projects are in the very early stages of development, details relating to design, flow, location, etc. can change at any time.
Please check back often for updates.

Find Your Project

Ivanhoe River
Third Falls & The Chute

Frederick House River
Wanatango Falls

Serpent River
Four Slide Falls & McCarthy Chute

Petawawa River
Big Eddy at Railroad Rapids

Kapuskasing River
Middle Twp. Buchan, Lapinigam Rapids, Near North Boundary

Larder River
Larder & Raven

Blanche River
Marter Twp.

Matawin River
McGraw Falls

Wanapitei River
Allen & Struthers

Vermilion River
At Soo Crossing, Wabagishik Rapid, Cascade Falls, McPherson Falls

To be added to our stakeholder database for any of the projects, please contact:

Stephanie Hodsoll
Stakeholder Relations Manager
Xeneca Power Development
5255 Yonge Street, Suite 1200
North York, ON M2N 6P4

T: 416-590-9362
F: 416-590-9955

Last update: July 24, 2014


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