Partnerships:  Recognizing that renewable energy development can often involve a broad spectrum of interests, Xeneca Power Development is a strong advocate of developing mutually beneficial partnerships.

First Nations Consultation and Partnerships

  • In Ontario, First Nations communities have strong historical and traditional ties to the land, rivers and lakes. As such, Xeneca is prepared to work with First Nations at varying levels, depending on community interests, goals and objectives.
  • Consultation with affected communities is not only a government directive, it is part of Xeneca’s ongoing policy.
  • Many different opportunities exist including government programs such as loan guarantees, funding for capacity building and price incentives paid to power developments that include First Nations participation.
  • Partnerships can also involve job creation initiatives and/or hiring of First Nations firms and expertise.
  • Communities may also wish to invest in equity interest in specific Xeneca projects, or First Nations communities may wish to apply for and develop their own sites with assistance from Xeneca’s team of professionals.
  • Xeneca can be a willing partner in assisting communities in accessing relevant programs. 

Private Sector partnerships

  • With current public policy in place encouraging the development of renewable energy, including waterpower, opportunities to develop waterpower facilities are the best they’ve been in over 40 years.
  • However, with opportunity comes risk. Xeneca believes in minimizing risk and maximizing benefits. A means to achieve this objective is the formation of strategic partnerships.
  • Business interests that can bring expertise, experience and skill sets to the table can be highly complementary to the successful development of projects.

Municipal partnerships

  • Municipalities have a vested interest in developing renewable energy. Programs offered by both Federal and Provincial governments provide opportunities for partnerships with private enterprise that are environmentally, socially and economically desirable.
  • Local production of green, renewable electricity can be attractive to business and industry. Revenues from taxes paid to the municipality can help build necessary infrastructure and fund social programs and services.
  • Municipalities may also desire an equity position in waterpower developments that can translate into long-term revenue,in addition to tax revenues.

For Municipalities that have established utilities or distribution networks, a generation asset could be a highly desirable acquisition that would, from water to wires, provide ratepayers with green, reliable and affordable electricity.

Waterpower facilities can also enhance recreational opportunities and even provide a tourism draw. Xeneca is prepared to work with communities to maximize benefits to ratepayers.

Partnership and collaboration enquires should be made to:

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