Environmental Policy

As one of Ontario’s largest waterpower developers, Xeneca Power Development Inc. operates ethically and in compliance with all Federal and Provincial policy regulating waterpower facilities in Ontario.  Xeneca believes in and promotes sustainable development and the creation of green, renewable and affordable energy across the province of Ontario.  Xeneca seeks to develop sound, practical and effective public policy on waterpower.  Xeneca believes in and practices good corporate citizenship and governance.

We are committed to:

1.  Safe and reliable production of renewable energy through waterpower.

2.  Build and operate our proposed projects in an environmentally conscientious and sustainable manner.

3.  Manage our proposed projects in accordance with social, economic and environmental objectives.

To achieve these commitments, Xeneca will:

  • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship and work in an open, honest and transparent manner.
  • Value and respect our relationship with affected First Nation Communities.
  • Comply with all environmental legislation.
  • Monitor and report our performance and continually seek means for improvement.
  • Report any environmental incident and take immediate action to mitigate potential impacts.
  • Ensure all our employees and contractors understand and accept their responsibility to build and operate our equipment   safely and to protect the local environment.

Our relationship with First Nation Communities, municipalities and government agencies is important to our success and paramount to the protection of the local environment.  We faithfully accept our responsibility and abide by our commitments to support development of clean and renewable energy projects in Ontario.


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