Aboriginal Relations

Xeneca will:

  1. Work toward incorporating Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge in the EA process  through active participation by Aboriginal and First Nations people,
  2. Will work toward developing business agreements with each community, and
  3. Acknowledges and will work to address the rights, culture and concerns of all Aboriginal peoples.

Contact Xeneca’s Vice President, Coroporate Affairs, Lauren Sasaki:  LSasaki@xeneca.com or 416-590-3088.

Xeneca supports the Ontario Waterpower Associations WPWG'sAboriginal Funding Continuum for Waterpower Development.

The Aboriginal Funding continuum is a live web-based visual tool which clearly identifies all funding opportunities available for First Nations interested in becoming a partner in or a proponent of a waterpower project. The continumm is based on the  typical development cycle of a waterpower project, and is categorized based on the type of funding being applied for.

The goal of the Continumm is to create an effective, user-friendly tool to assist potential First Nations proponents, partners and industry in navigating through the various funding opportunities, to quickly identify potential funding programs and to understand the criteria to apply.

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