Employment Opportunities

Local Supply and Content

Xeneca has been approached by many local service providers, logistics companies, subcontractors, labour pools and hydroelectric experienced supervisors, technologists and engineers during our stakeholder consultations and public meetings in the communities around the project sites. Where the size, capability and qualifications of these companies matches those required for the complete scope of a given tender package, Xeneca will entertain these suppliers as a primary bidder. Where these suppliers offer a subset of services or products found within a bid package, we encourage these entities to either combine their offering with a complementary supplier in a joint bid, or make timely and informed solicitations to larger suppliers for inclusion of your product or service in their offering.

Xeneca expects that inclusion of some local qualified sub-suppliers in some bids may offer larger suppliers extremely cost effective rates for quality services and/or materials on projects, increasing the competitiveness of bids by lowering overall project price and risk to Xeneca.

First Nation & Aborignal Participation

Xeneca has been working proactively with many First Nation (FN) and Aboriginal Communities in Ontario. Some groups have already contributed to our project works, and others are very motivated and eager to offer their skills, products and services toward the construction and commissioning of these hydropower facilities.

Similar to local suppliers, Xeneca is committed to informing these FN & Aboriginal Communities of contracting opportunities.

All interested FN & Aboriginal groups, individuals and companies should continue to monitor Xeneca’s website for future opportunities as we will continue to post all upcoming tenders and offers.


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Xeneca supports the Ontario Waterpower Associations WPWG's Aboriginal Funding Continuum for Waterpower Development.

The goal of the Continuum is to create an effective, user-friendly tool to assist potential First Nations proponents, partners and industry in navigating through the various funding opportunities, to quickly identify potential funding programs and to understand the criteria to apply.

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