Waterpower Development in Ontario

With a focus on eliminating coal fire electricity generation from Ontario by 2014, creating green jobs and increasing the supply of renewable energy, public policy for development of waterpower, wind and solar power has created new opportunities for development.

The Green Energy, Green Economy Act (GEA) that was enacted in 2009 does not lead  to shortcuts in terms of the environmental protection or consideration of social and economic values. However, GEA does streamline the development process, removing duplication and costly inefficiency, while ensuring rigorous review and mitigation measures for environmental and stakeholder impacts.

Interested individuals, communities and provincial and federal regulatory agencies are, through various means, consulted throughout the development process. Special provisions have been made for support of First Nations consultation and opportunities to become more involved in projects.

GEA and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) programs have been developed as to assist with both First Nations as well as non-aboriginal community participation in renewable energy projects.  

Information on community and First Nation involvement can be accessed here

Stakeholder Consultation:

Advisory Services for Aboriginal Renewable Energy Fund:

Current RFP Information on the Ontario Power Authority website:

As part of the Class Environmental Assessment process, outreach to stakeholders is mandatory for each waterpower project.

To view a list of Xeneca waterpower development projects and districts in which they are occurring, click here.

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