Xeneca Team

A dynamic, forward-thinking partnership between committed and experienced partners, consultants and investors in the renewable energy sector. Environmental responsibility, strong community relations and sustainable use of resources are hallmarks of Xeneca’s governance.

Xeneca is a leading Canadian-owned waterpower development company. Our team has several decades worth of experience in the waterpower industry.

Xeneca's Leadership Team

Uwe Roeper, M.Sc., P. Eng
Mr. Roeper has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors and is a senior expert in the renewable energy project development and engineering. From on-the-ground practical engineering experience to the intricacies of capital financing, Mr. Roeper’s vast experience and capable management are significant assets to Xeneca and its stakeholders.

Mark Holmes
Versed with over 15 years of government relations and resource sector management experience, Mr. Holmes will oversee the Xeneca team through the rest of the Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects process, as well as through permitting and approvals, and into construction. Prior to being promoted to President, Mr. Holmes was Vice President, Corporate Affairs for six years, leading Xeneca's government affairs and communications efforts. Successful public policy development and government lobby, combined with relevant experience in forestry and mining, wildlife conservation and management, are among the valuable tools which Mr. Holmes brings to the Xeneca team.

Corporate & Regulatory Affairs, Communications

Lauren Sasaki, P.Eng., LLB
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Ms. Sasaki has 30 years of engineering and legal experience working in environmental approvals, project management, construction, infrastructure development and energy. Over the years, Ms. Sasaki has gained considerable construction experience working on infrastructure projects in the municipal and energy fields, as well as being heavily involved in stakeholder relations and communications with Aboriginal Communities. Further, her vast experience as a regulatory lawyer both in the public and private sector is a great asset to Xeneca.

Stephanie Hodsoll
Stakeholder & Government Relations Manager
After finishing her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at McGill University, Ms. Hodsoll completed a post-graduate certificate in Public Relations from Humber College. She has been working in the energy sector for several years in various communications roles. Her approach facilitates open communication and dialogue with stakeholders including individuals, government agencies, Aboriginal Communities and public interest groups. She brings skills for leading and developing stakeholder outreach, issues identification and mitigation.



Michael Vance, BASc., P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager
Working in the energy development sector for nearly 25 years, Mr. Vance possesses experience and knowledge from managing a variety of small-scale to large-scale renewable energy development projects. Currently, he is leading a team tasked with the development of the McGraw Falls waterpower project, located northeast of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Nava Pokharel, M.Eng. , M.Sc ., P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager
Mr. Pokharel has over ten years of experience in planning through to construction as a hydropower and water resources engineer. He has graduate degrees in Water Resources Engineering from both the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland and the University of Alberta. Mr. Pokharel gained diverse experience working in Nepal, Switzerland and Canada.

Environmental Affairs

Mohammad Hansa M.Sc, EPt
Environmental Officer
Mr. Hansa holds a Masters in Environmental Science (concentration on both Renewable Energy and Ecology) from the University of Toronto, as well as a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Science and Integrative Biology. As his education indicates, his interests lie in renewable energy, ecology and conservation.  Mr. Hansa develops socio-economic impact assessment reports for Xeneca's Environmental Reports, which detail impacts of proposed waterpower projects on local economies, infrastructures, tourism, recreation and resources. He is also responsible for streamlining processes and improving efficiency within the company.


Anil Grover, CPA, CA
Vice President, Finance
Mr. Grover holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Chartered Accountant designation (both Indian and Canadian.) Mr. Grover has almost ten years' accounting and finance experience. Prior to Xeneca, Mr. Grover worked for a major international accounting and consulting firm.

Rama Sekar
Payable Analyst

Mrs. Sekar holds a Masters degree in Accounting and brings more than ten years of accounting and finance experience to the Xeneca team. Prior to Xeneca, Mrs. Sekar worked and gained knowledge in the the automotive/insurance/telecommunication industry as a payable analyst. Mrs. Sekar strives to create solutions to fit Xeneca's short-term needs and
long-term goals.


Updated October 1, 2014

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