Xeneca uses the services of a variety of consultants throughout the various stages of project development and execution.

Aird & Berlis
Aird & Berlis LLP comprises a diverse group of more than 120 of Canada’s most talented lawyers. The firm provides a wide range of legal services for a variety of industries, including environmental.

AMEC provides consultancy, engineering and project management services to the world's energy, power and process industries with a focus on sustainable business practices. AMEC has been added to the United Nations register of Global Compact participants.

BluMetric is a new company, originating with five operating companies - WESA, WESAtech, Envir-Eau, OEL-HydroSys, and Seprotech, all internationally known for cutting-edge work in the fields of water/wastewater treatment and professional environmental services. BluMetric's combined staff of 190 scientists, engineers, industrial hygienists, environmental auditors, project managers, financial management specialists and support personnel are uniquely equipped to undertake environmental projects of any size.

HATCH Energy
One of the world’s leading consulting firms for small waterpower projects as well as large waterpower projects. HATCH Energy provides comprehensive consultation in waterpower design, construction and operation.

KBM Forestry Consultants Inc. is built on a core of experienced consultants who provide digital aerial photography for depletion mapping, inventory updates and Free-to-Grow assessments.

Lakeland Energy
Lakeland Energy provides communications, data and mapping services to meet the requirements of today’s business environment. Lakeland’s knowledgeable staff provides customers with the ideas, tools and information that gives them the power to make the best choices for their information technology needs.

Northern Bioscience
Northern Bioscience offers professional consulting services supporting ecosystem management, inventory, and research. Based in Thunder Bay, Northern Bioscience was established in 1996 and has undertaken over 250 projects for government, industry, First Nations, and non-government organizations, with a focus on boreal ecosystems.

Natural Resource Solutions Inc. is a consulting firm based in Waterloo, Ontario. The company was founded in 1998 and is wholly owned by its three senior partners who are highly skilled in terrestrial, wetland and aquatic biology.

Since its inception in 1996, Ontario Resource Management Group Inc. (ORMG) has provided a broad range of consulting service to our private, business and government clients. With expertise in environmental assessments, forestry management and silviculture, aggregate applications and site plans, pre-consultation, and GIS and aerial imagery, ORMG is well placed to assist our clients with any of their environmental requirements.

ORTECH Power is Canada’s leading atmospheric science consulting firm, providing technology based consulting services and expertise in environmental science and engineering to government, industrial, and financial organizations. ORTECH takes pride in providing the highest quality services in technical consulting, problem solving, and evaluation with an emphasis on air quality through ORTECH Environmental and an emphasis on renewable energy through ORTECH Power. 


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